The "Quick and Easy Veggie Meals Under a $1.50" FAQ

The "Quick and Easy Veggie Meals Under a $1.50" FAQ

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. A Healthy Reminder
  3. Quick Cooking Tips
  4. Tips on Preparing Dry Beans, grains, and rice
  5. Beans
  6. Rice
  7. Beans and Rice
  8. Pasta
  9. Pizza
  10. Potatoes
  11. Salads
  12. Sandwiches
  13. Stir Fry
  14. Other Meals
  15. Credits

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Link now to the entire list of Quick and Easy Recipe Examples. The only recipe is for Jenny's Egg Drop Soup. You can include yours if you'd like. This page will be ACTIVELY under construction in the next few weeks and months, so look for changes soon. Like I said... nothing's happened since 1996!

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Disclaimer: I have heard of a paperback book called "The Quick & Easy Vegetarian Cook Book", ISBN 0-87131-303-0. This FAQ is not connected in any way with this book, but it sounds like it fits in well with the theme. If you're connected with the book, please don't sue me! Thanks! :)


That's right... In a rush, don't eat meat, payday is still 2 days off? Well, consult this quick and easy veggie meals under $1.50 FAQ! You just can't go wrong! (Disclaimer: Some meals may cost you more than $1.50 and may take longer than 20 minutes! But, with practice and shopping skill, you should be able to meet those goals!)

"BUT WAIT," you say! "This FAQ doesn't have recipes."

Well, no, not exactly. This FAQ is a guide to change the way you look at being a vegetarian. By mixing together new bases (like beans and potatoes and paste) and new veggies with new spices, you can create exciting and healthy foods that will make your meat eating friends jealous. Don't worry about not having an "exact" recipe... YOU DON'T NEED ONE! Trust me. Still, I'm compiling a list of example recipes to get you started. Click here to see the unfinished page.

This list of meal suggestions has been compiled from posts to the MAXLIFE listserv. If you aren't on MAXLIFE and you get this list, well, there's only one thing I can say -- SIGN UP TO MAXLIFE!!! It _will_ be worth your while!

If you have any ingredients or meals to add to this list, well, then by all means, send them to me! Even better, post them to the entire MAXLIFE group. They'd love to know!

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A Healthy Reminder

Hi everyone! A lot of times in our society "quick and easy and cheap" really means unhealthy junk food. These recipes are meant to be quick, easy, cheap, _and_ healthy! However, many of them focus on processed foods which are deficient in vitamins. Sure, they may not have a lot of bad things, but they need good things too! So, the best way to get around this is to top with lots of fresh or frozen veggies whenever possible! (Canned foods have the nutrients cooked out of them in the canning process.) "Quick, easy, and cheap" are good things, but the reason we eat is for nourishment! Remember that, and you'll do great!

Quick Cooking Tips

  1. "Saute Substitute"
    - Heat chopped onions, green peppers, etc. for a slight time in the microwave to "soften". Also, fresh mushrooms can be "cooked" when nuked in a small dish of water.
  2. "Smaller = quicker"
    - Instead of trying to cook one large solid item, cut it or break it into very small pieces. (Instead of a baked potato, try potato cubes!) Likewise, thin spaghetti will cook faster than thick.
  3. "Frozen, not fresh!"
    - Sure, fresh is better, but often, preparing fresh vegetables is just not feasible. Frozen veggies can be stored "forever" and nuked quickly in small portions on an "as needed" basis. They may not be as crunchy, but it's better than _no_ veggies! Adding "green" and "yellow/orange" veggies to a meal is always good nutritionally.

    Tips on Preparing Dry Beans, grains, and rice

    Bulk beans, grains, and rice are always really cheap. Unfortunately, they often take a while to make. But, fortunately, they also are easy to keep once made. With that in mind, always make yourself a double, triple, or more batch and freeze the rest! In the long run, you'll save lots of money and lots of time!

    (Special tip: You can get rid of the gas in beans! Soak them overnight and let some of the gas producing nutrients dissolve into the water. Then, drain the water and use it as a liquidized fertilizer on your garden, house plants, or flower bed!)



    (Tip: Brown rice instead of white will increase the nutrition value of the rice and is just as cheap.) (Tip: For a quicker version than steaming your veggies, take refrigerated, pre-cooked rice and microwave frozen veggies on top.)

    Beans and Rice


    (Tip: "Pre-sauce" pasta will store for a few days in the fridge if you keep it in a closed container. So just like beans, rice, and grains, cook extra pasta and then nuke for a quick pasta meal a few days later.)





    (Tip: Try to find really good bread with "pure" grains rather than the super bleached out/processed out flour. I find that it's worth it to buy the more expensive "heavy" breads. Much more healthy and yummy.)

    Stir Fry

    Other Meals


    Thanks to Scarlett, Brian, Lynda, Lorriane, Kelly, Alexandra, Robin, Robyn, Michael, Phil, Matt, Del, Julia, Jenny, and anyone I missed. Special thanks to Sharon and Penny of MAXLIFE. You all contributed to this FAQ whether you knew it or not! :)
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    (Note: "Proper" English would have made me write the end of that last sentence "...exactly to what you are referring.")

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