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Jenny's Egg Drop Soup

This is egg drop soup that my wife Jenny made me. It's a great example of using what you happen to have laying around and coming up with an incredible little dish.
  Cost   Ingredient
  ----   ----------
 $0.30   1 handful of linguine
 $0.20   a cube or two of vegetable bouillon
 $0.25   Half a cup of frozen mixed vegetables (corn, 
         green beans, and carrots)
 $0.10   1 egg
 $0.05   Soy sauce
 $0.30   Fried Chinese noodles
 $1.20   Total cost

  Time   Preparation
  ----   -----------
 6 min.  Boil the linguine in water until it's almost soft 
         enough for your tastes.  
30 sec.  Drain off excess water, but leave enough for a 
         nice broth.  
30 sec.  Add bouillon and mixed vegetables.  
 1 min.  Once the water gets hot again, "drop" the egg in.  
 1 min.  Allow the water to boil itself down a little if 
 1 min.  Remove pot and serve.  
30 sec.  Garnish with Chinese noodles, and add soy sauce 
         to taste.
10 min. 30 sec. Total time

Nothing to it! There you go: a real, honest to goodness, quick, cheap, and easy veggie meal. Under 20 minutes, under $1.50, and all you needed to know how to do was boil water!


Hi! This is a list of example recipes. They were created using the basic ingredient ideas from the FAQ. I would caution against going out with a shopping list to buy these specific ingredients and then trying to slave over these recipes to get it just right. That kind of stuff is for the gourmets...This is quick and easy! Remember?

Making quick and easy meals requires you to be crazy and original!

A tip to get started

If you're having trouble getting started, I recommend doing this. First, go to a section in the FAQ. Read the ingredient list and hints. Then, link to the example recipe(s). Compare the generic list of ingredients to the ones used in the recipe. Now, pretend you had a different set of ingredients. Don't worry about if it will taste like something classic like "lasagna" or "stuffed peppers". Instead, take ingredients you like and experiment!

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